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Should the Clintons and Jimmy Carter attend the Trump inauguration?


I realize Bush the Elder isn’t in the best of health but I suspect he would be there under different circumstances. Seems like Jimmy Carter could pull the health card very easily if he were so inclined. Apparently he isn’t:


Washington (CNN)Former President Bill Clinton and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will attend President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration later this month, aides to both Clintons told CNN on Tuesday.

Former President George W. Bush and former first lady Laura Bush will also attend, the 43rd president’s office said in a statement Tuesday.
“President and Mrs. George W. Bush will attend the 58th Presidential Inauguration Ceremony on January 20, 2017, at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.,” the statement read. “They are pleased to be able to witness the peaceful transfer of power — a hallmark of American democracy — and swearing-in of President Trump and Vice President Pence.”
Previously, Jimmy Carter was the only former commander in chief who had publicly said he would attend Trump’s inauguration. Bush’s father, President George H.W. Bush, will not be attending due to his health, a spokesman has told CNN.
Former presidents traditionally attend the ceremonial transfer of power at the US Capitol.
Despite being a fellow Republican, Bush did not vote for Trump on Election Day, a decision Trump later deemed “sad.” Bush’s father voted for Hillary Clinton, according to sources.

As for the Clintons I haven’t thought this through, and in an unprecedented development will therefore not comment on their choices in the matter.  But don’t let that stop anybody else (Seriously I’m very interested in what people think about this.  It’s obviously crucial not to legitimate or normalize Trump any more than absolutely necessary, so that means drawing various sometimes hard to draw lines).



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