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The Republican Party is the Party of Trump, Which Means It’s Also the Party of Larry Kudlow



Apparently Donald Luskin and the Dow 36,000 boyz were unavailable:

But the emerging cast in Trump’s administration, from the appointment of Tom Price to run the Department of Health and Human Services to the slew of bankers and other millionaires, suggests something different: On domestic policy, he has not wrecked his party’s domestic platform, but continued and even intensified it. And the single most emblematic development is the report that Lawrence Kudlow is the leading candidate to run his Council of Economic Advisers.

The CEA chair is typically an economist. Kudlow is not, a fact on his résumé that qualifies rather than disqualifies him for his job. Kudlow is a fanatical adherent of supply-side economics. While many conservative economists believe that, all things being equal, lower tax rates can produce faster growth, Kudlow believes it with a religious intensity. No serious body of economic work could substantiate his beliefs. Indeed, even hard-core conservatives in academia — like Greg Mankiw, a Republican economist with a deep moral disdain for progressive taxation — have nonetheless described the arguments used by Kudlow as those of “charlatans and cranks.” And yet his views have come to dominate the Republicans Party despite decades of unremitting failure. What is remarkable about Kudlow is not just how flamboyantly and demonstrably wrong he has been, but that his influence over the Republican agenda has actually increased.

If you Read the Whole Thing — which is recommended — you’ll see that 1)Kudlow has almost always been spectacularly wrong and 2)in ways in which the most influential Republican elites have always been spectacularly wrong. On domestic policy Turmp is, or will act as, a terrifying reactionary, which makes him a Paul Ryan Republican.

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