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Aging in Place Bleg


Question for everyone:

My parents are entering a situation where fairly significant remodeling of the house is in order for them to be able to stay there as they age. My parents aren’t all that elderly, but my mother has mobility issues and it’s a small mid-century house with the limitations for wheelchairs and the like that such a house presents.

Like many of us, these aren’t issues I have thought about all that deeply because why would I until I need to. But then that day comes. My primary question for everyone here is how they have dealt with these issues for their parents, their partners, and themselves. More to the point, are there programs where the state helps with some of the remodeling and the like because it keeps people in the house and out of other, significantly less desirable, facilities.

Luckily none of this is any sort of immediate emergency. But it’s something that needs managing and before my parents make financial decisions to do all of this themselves, I’d like to explore whatever opportunities there are at there, if any. If it matters (and it probably does since it’s the US and we can’t have nice things), they live in Oregon. And rather than me bumble around and try to figure this out, I remembered that have unusual access to crowdsourced knowledge at my fingertips. So I’m taking advantage.

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