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Rumors that Ted Cruz is being considered for the Attorney General’s position, or to soak up the urine stains left in Antonin Scalia’s Supreme Court chair, ought once again to settle the ridiculous notion that Trump is somehow “friendly” to gay rights. Given the widespread credulity shown in recent days over Trump’s insistence on 60 Minutes that gay marriage is “settled,” it’s worth remembering that Donald Trump has literally no idea how the various branches of government operate. His insistence that anything is “settled” is a reflection partly of his baseline intellectual deficits, partly of the time lag since his last bump of dexedrine, and almost entirely because he is an arrogant buffoon who believes his will — empty of content or consistency — governs all.

But as your high school friends keep pointing out on Facebook, Donald Trump hoisted an LGBTQ flag a few weeks ago, so it’s pretty much a wash.

In the meantime, I’m wondering what the odds are that Trump — choosing the path of true loyalty — taps Scott Baio for AG. He’s likely to need him in the coming years.

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