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Election Night Campaign Trivia



I developed part of a presidential quiz for students to take tonight. These were my 10 submissions. They are designed to maximize no one winning. No looking up the answers!

1) Who was the last major party presidential candidate with facial hair?

2) Who was the last major party presidential candidate with a full beard?

3) How many people were major party candidates for president at least 3 times but never won?

4) How many major party candidates died between the election and inauguration day?

5) In how many elections did a candidate win the electoral college while losing the popular vote?

6) How many presidents won the presidency without winning the electoral college or the popular vote

7) What presidential campaign saw the first attempt to engage in large-scale fundraising techniques?

8) Who was the last third party candidate to win electoral votes?

9) After the contested election of 1800, a constitutional amendment was passed changing the electoral college to have candidates run on tickets with a VP as opposed to electors having 2 votes to give and the 2nd place candidate being named VP. Since then, which election had the most people winning electoral college votes?

10) Other than George Washington, elected by universal acclaim, which president won with the biggest margin of victory in the electoral college?

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