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“L-looked f-fluffier…”


Buzzfeed engaged in genuine journalistic activities and obtained the transcript and video deposition of Donald Trump, Republican nominee for president, taken June 16.

The depositions are related to Trump’s $200 million project to transform the Old Post Office building — a taxpayer-owned landmark just five blocks from White House — into a luxury hotel. Trump’s company won the right to develop the project by making numerous promises to the government that he failed to keep.

Last month, BuzzFeed News filed a court motion seeking the release of full transcripts of the depositions. In a second motion, BuzzFeed News sought the videos, part of a lawsuit by Trump against restauranteurs who abandoned agreements to operate in the Old Post Office after Trump’s comments about Mexicans.

Thanks to commentrist Origami Isopod for the heads up, complete with this cut and polished gem from p. 37 of the deposition.

(Dramatis Personae – Rebecca Woods, counsel for plaintiff Trump Old Post Office; Deborah Baum, counsel for defendants CZ National and BVS Acquisitions).

MS. BAUM: — deposition. That’s Exhibit 25. And it’s the Trump documents that were produced. We noticed that there are some duplicate pages in it for some reason. I think the court reporter may have —

MS. WOODS: We wanted to make it look bigger.

MS. BAUM: It’s very impressive. It does look bigger.

Three theories of what the hell just happened there:

  1. Trump’s obsession with yugeness is contagious.
  2. The dense cloud of dimwitted auto-dodginess that surrounds him rained eau de scofflaw on the simple acts of producing a copy of a lease and explaining duplicate pages in an exhibit.
  3. Woods’ personal loathing for her client overrode her professionalism, so instead of saying the duplicate pages were a mistake, she said it was intentional.

I read on from there and learned that Trump’s approach to contracts is exactly what I expected – he just signs them. On p. 41 Woods objects to Baum asking Trump his understanding of his lease’s section on monetary damages, because he’s not a lawyer. Other Trumpian delights that await the reader include Trump shoving his kids in front of the crosstown express every other minute, whining and boasting even more frequently, and of course there’s Donald on his nomination (p. 13)

I’m running for office. I obviously have credibility because I now, as it turns out, became the Republican nominee running against, we have a total of 17 people that were mostly senators and governors, highly respected people. So it’s not like, you know, like I’ve said anything that could be so bad. Because if I said something that was so bad, they wouldn’t have had me go through all of these people and win all of these primary races. And I’m pretty even in the polls or close to even in the polls right now.

So I was very surprised that he wanted to get out of the lease.

On p. 54 he credits him comments about immigrants for the fact that he “got more votes than anybody in the history of Republican Party primaries, by a lot.”

Baum replies “You have certainly tapped into something.”

As an aside, watching Baum play Trump like a slimy catfish is a real delight. I hope she happens to him in court.

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