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Is Evan Bayh “Collapsing?”



Despite what looks like a pending Electoral College landslide, the Senate is looking very close. So if Bayh is indeed collapsing, this is a serious problem. As of now, I don’t really see any evidence of a “collapse” as opposed to a “decline” — the RCP average has him up by four points, 538’s polls-only has him north of 80%. I’d like him to be up more but the Democrats have worse problems in swing states.

Still, there is a real dilemma here. On the one hand, Bayh is the best viable Senate candidate from Indiana, and while he was a wet for a red-state senator he was OK — he did less damage to the ACA than Lieberman or Nelson, for example. It’s important that he win. On the other hand, Republican depictions of him as a money-drubbing hack Washington insider are…perfectly accurate. Not only is he a greasy lobbyist but he was really pompous about it. As is so often the case Bayh is the best that can be done in Indiana right now but it would be desirable for conditions to change such as that the best is better.

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