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Houston edition.

“We came out here to protest against the NAACP and their failure in speaking out against the atrocities that organizations like Black Lives Matter and other pro-black organizations have caused the attack and killing of white police officers, the burning down of cities and things of that nature,” White Lives Matter member Ken Reed said. “If they’re going to be a civil rights organization and defend their people, they also need to hold their people accountable.”

This – or any other place in the article – would have been a fine place for the reporters to note that White Lives Matter is a white supremacy group and drop a quote from the NAACP. I guess they were so taken with Mr. Reed’s earnest demeanor they forgot Journalism 101. Besides which, residents did agree with the protestors, see?

Though area residents agreed with the message of equality that, at times, was shouted from the bull horn, some were taken aback by the Confederate flags and the presence of firearms.

This is excellence in reporting. Per the video, “area residents” is Quintina Richardson, the one resident they interviewed. To say she agreed is to twist fact until it shows stress fractures, but doesn’t break. However, she is also the person who was taken aback by the loser flags and guns.

At any rate, even when one doesn’t have the cooperation of the free press, few things say white supremacy like being able to stomp around while waving weapons and demand that black people act as though the lies one has made up about them are true. If the NAACP tells Mr. Reed to shove his White Lives Matter banner where the sun shineth not (or ignores him), it’s proof they’re in on the plot and grounds for more threatening behavior that is likely to escalate to acts of violence.

If by chance the NAACP makes any sort of placatory gesture, Reed and his gang can strut and preen a bit before they decide that’s not good enough and come back with more demands, threats and violence. Either way, what a rush!

And don’t forget the thrill that will be running up and down the legs of people who have regularly blamed Black Lives Matter for violence, and claimed the group is racist, but for one reason or another won’t be seen in public with WLM and the Aryan Resistance Society. Watching one’s all-volunteer and completely deniable cabal of thugs do the dirty work must be one of the finer things in the life of the influential white supremacist.

Pretending that violence and threats are self-defense because black people are the biggest threat to white people ever (as proven by this carefully curated collection of myths, urban legends and other lies) is another common example of supremacy.

The protest drew much attention as people took photos of the group which held assault rifles and “White Lives Matter” signs on the Third Ward block.

“We’re not out here to instigate or start any problems,” Reed said. “Obviously we’re exercising our Second Amendment rights but that’s because we have to defend ourselves. Their organizations and their people are shooting people based on the color of their skin. We’re not. We definitely will defend ourselves, but we’re not out here to start any problems.”

Does this waste of carbon really think Deray McKesson’s army of hired assassins are stalking him? Who cares? The message in these cases isn’t I, Joe Whiteman, am afraid of you, Joe Blackman. The message is Attention mud people: I’ll kill anyone of you who does anything threatening. And by the way, I’ve decided that anything you do is threatening.



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