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What rhymes with scum & needs to STFU?


I said S-C-U-M not S-C-R-U-M-P.

Frum has the post-colonial blues because he thinks the people of Iraq squandered the opportunity his ex-boss gave them in the form of good old Western-style imported blood, devastation, death, war and horror. Why can’t they think of the people in Syria who have to endure locally sourced blood, devastation, death, war and horror?

A normal person, after having anything to do with the 100% preventable disaster FKA Operation Infinite Empty Flight Suit, would be haunted by feelings of guilt – or at least embarrassment – apologize, and ferme that old gueule really tight. (Of course it might help if the fate of such people were something other than a sinecure at a think tank. But, if this society were in that great a shape I’d be out watching my unity pony frolicking in its 35 acre pasture of green grass and daisies.)

A human-shaped slime mold on the other hand, will ooze around blaming the victims because they were too busy trying (and in many cases failing) to survive an invasion to follow the script the spoiled, rich, faux-folksy fuckhead BROTUS dreamed up for them while he was wiping boogers on the underside of the desk in the Oval Office.

(Bonus French Lesson – Ferme ta gueule – A very rude way of telling someone to be quiet.)

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