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OK we live in interesting times and predictions, especially about the future, are even trickier than usual, but I take it that these points are non-controversial:

(1) Trump is a completely undisciplined narcissistic sociopath, who is also none too bright, although he does have a certain animal cunning, along with a version of the perverse charisma that some sociopaths seem to radiate.

(2) He has no campaign organization.

(3) Make America White Again wouldn’t be a good campaign strategy even if (1) and (2) weren’t the case.

Therefore, it seems quite probable that by the time the fall rolls around, it will be obvious that Trump will be heading for a historic beatdown, something in the 61-39/58-42 range, i.e., a margin previously thought impossible in these partisan times when too few people can see the wisdom of a Bloomberg-Friedman ticket, and which would certainly cost the GOP the Senate, while seriously denting even their gerrymandered majority in the House.

Assuming that’s roughly correct, what happens then? Does the GOP establishment jump ship and go into triage mode? Or do they ride this bomb all the way to the ground, Slim Pickens-style?

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