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#NeverTrump: Never Stop #NeverTrumping



Don’t kid yourself: this perennially effective and powerful movement is brimming with seriousity this time:

Republicans opposed to Donald Trump are plotting a last-ditch effort to deny him their party’s nomination at the convention in Cleveland.

A coalition of delegates, lawyers, rules experts and PACs has formed in what participants say is the most coordinated effort to date to dump Trump from the Republican ticket.

You have to love the “what participants say” line. “Today, Geno Smith, Bryce Pretty and Christian Hackenberg gathered in what participants say is an impressive collection of quarterback talent.”

The organizers are confident of success and say they’re being underestimated.

I am confident that this is impossible.

“This is a laser-guided bomb aimed right at the foundation of the Trump campaign,” said Beau Correll, a Virginia delegate and central figure in the opposition movement.

Oh. And…who?

But despite the gains the groups say they’ve made in fundraising, staffing, coordination and media attention, few are taking their efforts seriously.

Why, despite the gains participants say are being underestimated, are people not taking #NeverTrump seriously? Who can deny their formidable roster of talent?

Conservative media figures Erick Erickson, Steve Deace and Bill Kristol have begun joining the conference calls for the coalition and are fanning the flames in editorials and on the airwaves.

Dammit, I used the Jets QB line too early.

Anyway, as hard as it is to imagine a group of people with this track record of success in #NeverTrumping from succeeding, surely there’s a plan B?

Colorado conservative activist Regina Thomson, who runs a PAC called Free the Delegates, is organizing a floor fight irrespective of the Rules Committee’s decision.

Thomson is overseeing an effort to convince delegates that they’re already unbound. She is talking to delegates about parliamentary rules and how to protest on the convention floor if their representative doesn’t cast a vote in accordance with their wishes.

Another group, called Delegates Unbound, led by GOP strategist Dane Waters, is overseeing a national lobbying campaign focused on contacting delegates before they arrive in Cleveland to urge them to vote their conscience.

Hard to see this not working? But, just as a backup, I have some activists who enjoyed enormous success with a similar approach that #NeverTrump should probably be in touch with.

Alas, the LAMESTREAM media feels compelled to allow party bosses to deny this political tidal wave:

Many Republicans interviewed by The Hill privately grumbled about the effort, describing it as a tiny band of disgruntled delegates engaged in a vanity project that would destroy the party if it were successful.

They believe the likeliest end game is that a few skirmishes break out on the convention floor but are quickly extinguished.

Omitted from the article: any mention of an alternative candidate to Trump. I can help! Some participants say that a certain former associate of Kristol’s is tanned, very rested, and ready as she’ll ever be. Hard to imagine that juggernaut being stopped.

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