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Did Paterno Know In 1971?



According to an alleged victim, yes:

There are now two allegations by men who say they were sexually abused by Jerry Sandusky, who also say they reported their abuse to the legendary coach in the 1970s.

One of those allegations was made public in a court order related to a lawsuit Penn State University filed against its former insurer over who should have to pay settlements to the more than 30 men who have come forward as victims of Sandusky. The victim was not identified, and the details come from a deposition that is sealed.

The other has spoken to CNN, in great detail, explaining how he was a troubled young kid in 1971 when he was raped in a Penn State bathroom by Jerry Sandusky. Then, he says, his complaint about it was ignored by Paterno.

One defense of Paterno from his apologists was that he didn’t even like Sandusky, which explained stuff like Paterno’s bailing quickly from his star DC’s retirement party. But it is becoming increasingly clear is that he didn’t like Sandusky in large measure because he knew he was a child molester, which didn’t stop him from continuing to employ him, even when Sandusky started a foundation for helping young boys. I’d have to say it’s not much of a defense.

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