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Wailing for her demon-lover



Lemieux’s post about Texas v. Some Dildos serves at yet another reminder that the GOP/Christian Fundagelical marriage has created a group of people who can never say “You know what? We’re just going to leave people alone, if only because we don’t want to look stupid.”

That would require Republicans to understand that people ought to be left alone and a modicum of introspection.

And this blog post about how you can open a sex portal to the land of sex demons by twiddling your naughty bits serves as yet another reminder that people who spend their time thinking about what other people are doing with their bodies are some of the skeeviest critters on the planet. (Update – For the sake of complete clarity, the link will take you to a site that contains words that may trigger a naughty content filter and an image that may make other people look at you funny.)

There are such things as sex demons.

It’s true you know. The famous documentary The Devil in Miss Jones proves it!

And the danger in masturbating is that one could inadvertently summon a sex demon to attach itself to you through the act of masturbating.

So spritz holy water over yourself and any implements before you start.

And once that demon attaches, it is difficult to get it to leave.

Yes, someone will have to perform … wait for it … a Sexorcism!

Bonus track because I couldn’t pick just one.

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