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The IP Expansion

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By Nova13 – Based on: File:An F-18 Hornet, B-2 Spiri, and two F-16 Fighting Falcons.jpg, Public Domain.


I have an article up at World Politics Review on US diplomatic strategy for intellectual property protection:

Intellectual property: It sounds boring, but its protection has become one of the cornerstones of U.S. economic policy. And now, it may have an impact on how the Pentagon thinks about the future of technology.

In recent years, the big push for international intellectual property protection came about through the concerted action of a group of powerful, well-connected American corporations. These corporations had determined that they could make a great deal of money—or at least stop the loss of a great deal of money—by putting crucial intellectual property protections into international law. Washington has embraced this idea, making intellectual property a central part of every major trade agreement of the past decade.

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