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HGH Parm, You Taste So Good



I really don’t care whether Peyton Manning is shooting himself up with HGH or not. Hiring goons to intimidate the family members of the person making the accusations is however very not OK. And hiring Ari Fleischer to be your public relations guy, well, I think that means we have assume mendacity with every action. I love that Fleischer is described as a “crisis management consultant.” I guess he does have some experience in selling a war that destroyed Iraq and has spun off to destroy Syria to the American public. Nice that he’s able to take some time away from defending the name of what I now call the Washington Genocides to support poor old Peyton Manning.

Between this and Cam Newton making racists’ heads explode, I think you can guess who I am rooting for this evening. May the game be like the Super Bowl two years ago, my favorite sporting moment of all time.

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