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Meanwhile, in sweet Virginia


Admit it, if you were asked to name a current cause of voter disenfranchisement, you’d say voter identification requirements. You would, wouldn’t you? Having to show identification in order to vote prevents minorities/poor people from voting, you’d say. It’s like a poll tax or literacy requirements, you might add.

According to three Trump supporters, you’re wrong.

The lawsuit, filed this month in the Eastern District of Virginia on behalf of three pastors who support Trump, stems from the state Republican Party’s decision in September to require voters to sign a “statement of intent” before taking part in the primary.

The pledge, already on ballot instructions printed across the state, reads: “My signature below indicates I am a Republican.”

In you’re in a hurry here’s the Tl;dr: Three whiny opportunistic neo-con greedbags who walk around waving Bibles are now pretending to be the defenders of freedoom because they can’t have their way. You know, the usual.

But the details are, as so often the case when dealing with the right wing, impossible to fabricate.

The lawsuit’s plaintiffs — African American pastors Stephen A. Parson, Bruce L. Waller Sr. and Leon Benjamin — argued that the pledge will discourage minority voters and those who are poor from casting ballots. They also said that confusion about the pledge will lead to long lines at the polls, imposing a “burden of fear and backlash” that amounts to a literacy test for uneducated voters.

So that’s three family sized sac des verges, heavily salted. For here or to go?

Because – and perhaps this is crazy – I think that if one were truly concerned about laws that disenfranchise voters in Virginia, especially minority/poor voters in Virginia, one would be protesting the state’s voter identification law.

Further, anyone who supports Trump and claims to give half a damn about minority/poor people ought to have his tridlins plucked out for being a filthy liar and hypocrite.

Wait, it gets better; You must take a gander at these wankers. It can’t be worse than contemplating Lieberman’s smug first thing in the morning. (Maybe.)

In 2012 Parson, along with Benjamin and other conservative black pastors, supported Romney, Cantor and Allen because he was “pro-life, anti-same-sex-marriage, pro-prayer in schools, pro-entrepreneurship and pro-business.”

In 2015 he was forced out of the church he founded 30 years ago for fiddling with the funds and was later sued by the same church as part of the proceedings in its divinely-inspired bankruptcy. No wonder he’s a fan of Trump.

I did say you couldn’t make up this stuff.

Fortunately the case was heard by an activist judge, who advised plaintiffs to wait until it was foggy and then go play hopscotch on I-64.

In her decision, U.S. District Judge M. Hannah Lauck ruled that there wasn’t enough evidence to show that voters would suffer “irreparable harm” by signing a party affiliation statement before receiving a ballot on Super Tuesday, as Trump’s supporters argued.

Now let’s hope it doesn’t get to the Supreme Court. I’d hate to see what Roberts would do with this.

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