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Life, Liberty & a Consequence-Free Existence


If I ever need to explain how white supremacy is manifested in America to an alien, violent white people demanding that there be no consequences for their actions will certainly be one of the examples I use.

Sean Anderson, one of the occupiers who remains, told CNN he is there with his wife and two others.


The four have a proposal to leave peacefully but are not afraid to die, Anderson said.

They want the FBI to let them walk away and return to their home states without being arrested or confronted, Anderson said.

“We are willing to leave peacefully,” he said. “If the FBI will let us leave without arrest or forcing us through the checkpoint, we will all go home.”

Naturally top-notch news organ CNN is calling the Final 4’s demand that they be allowed to leave (or else) the offer of a peaceful exit.

That will be another example.

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