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2015 National Film Registry Selections



The Library of Congress named this year’s National Film Registry selections today. As usual, it combined some big-budget movies people love even if they aren’t really that good (Top Gun? Ghostbusters?) with some classics (Winchester ’73 and Imitation of Life) and then some real treasures of American film that need the commitment to long-term preservation. Here are a few of the winners:

Dream of a Rarebit Fiend.

That will teach you to gorge yourself on Welsh food.

King Vidor’s Our Daily Bread, one of the socially conscious classics of the Depression.

And then the 1946 Disney cartoon on menstruation, The Story of Menstruation.

There are a bunch I didn’t know about either, including the 1931 Spanish language version of Dracula and the 1929 Duke Ellington film Black and Tan. Pretty cool.

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