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Mayor of Roanoke not racist, says Mayor of Roanoke


Honest n’ truly.

 “It’s just not in my heart to be racist or bigoted.”

But there’s plenty of space in his head.

I anticipated that the statement might receive some coverage in the Roanoke Valley, but I did not in any way anticipate that it would trend internationally over the Internet.

Who knew saying the quiet part out loud would echo so much?

My statement was intended to be respectful — was intended to be respectful — measured and moderate in tone and substance.

Maybe respectful and measured and moderate don’t pair well with demonizing innocent people, invoking with approval a shameful event in American history and lying about that event to make it seem less shameful? Just a thought.

I was thinking of the families of the innocent victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris and the threats to our nation’s capital city when I made that statement yesterday.

I’ll take thumb-fingered appeals to emotion for $500, please!

I did not intend to offend anyone,” he continued, “but I did want to express my concerns about the current situation involving the safety of the American people.

And by anyone, I mean anyone who is more interested in soiling his trews over skaree furinners than sober fact. (And make that $1,000 on the appeal to ur feels!)

Residents of Roanoke and members of the city council called for Mayor Bower’s resignation after his remarks about the imprisonment of Japanese-Americans during WWII. He has said he won’t resign but will not run again in 2016.



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