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A quick rummage in the media’s mailbox

Roger Stone with a personal hero – Getty Images

From: Skyhorse Publishing

(because this shit seems to fall from above)

Subject: Who Armed ISIS

(the answer will fail to shock you)

Oh look, it is an image-laden email informing me that Roger Stone has said something! Let’s scroll past all of these big empty boxes because I’m not going to activate the images, and check it out.

[Roger] Stone, the author of The Clintons’ War on Women, told host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon on Monday’s Breitbart News Daily that “America is in danger” and the ISIS terror threat reveals “the wide dichotomy between the American media and the American people.”

“Thank goodness for cable television,” Stone said. “Thank goodness for the Breitbarts of this world… We have an alternative media that is vigorous, and it’s growing every day.”

He said that when there were just three television networks in the 1960s, “they said Oswald killed Kennedy and there was no alternative theory that was ever allowed to be examined.”

… Is he any relation to Oliver?

At any rate, after the mandatory Obama kicking, Stone turns to the real culprit, the person who has had the greatest impact on conditions in the Middle East in living memory  – Hitlery Clinton:

Stone said that though “Clinton is directly responsible for the rise of ISIS,” she is “going to act like somebody else did that.”

He blasted Clinton for knocking off our allies and funding radicals in the Middle East “in the hopes that they would foment democracy of all things… and instead we are ending up facing our own guns… the guns in the regimes that we put in place.”

Yes, yes of course. Because right after Bill Clinton left office, Hillary took over and then Obama and now she’s running again because … Look just shut up. The Middle East was fine and dandy until Hillary got her cooties on it.

And thank goodness for Citizens United, sez he:

Stone pointed out that without the Citizens United decision, “only the Clintons would have political money. Only the political dynasties would have political money, and advertising is speech.”

One imagines H. Clinton mischievously assuming various disguises in order to make Stone think that everyone is turning into a rabbit Hillary Clinton until he does something unthinkably horrible … and writes another book about the Clintons. So never mind.

Maybe instead he’ll join forces with Doug Henwood and form a cut-price Clinton-fighting Voltron. That’s got to be good for a few laughs.

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