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Joe Manchin is as close to useless as a Democrat can get. I get that he has to survive in the intensely racist and right-wing climate of West Virginia. And I get that any Republican who replaces him will be even worse. But sometimes you have to ask how much worse, especially when Manchin allies himself with Republicans on just the most detestable things. For instance, he is the only Democrat to sign onto a letter to the administration fearing allowing Syrian refugees in this nation could lead to terrorist attacks and urging it to double down to make sure that none of these people are terrorists, as if one can somehow do this and still allow more than a tiny trickle of people into the country. There’s just no good reason for him to do this. While I suppose it’s possible that fears of Sharia or whatnot will actually play in West Virginia, it’s hard to imagine him not signing this will make a difference either way. He’ll still be tainted with the hated Obama. Instead, he chooses to close our doors to refugees, people who will make the United States a more diverse and better place to live.

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