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Everyone Must Know That Everyone Agrees With Me


You know that willfully misinterpreted Pauline Kael quote about Nixon voters that’s routinely trotted out by cliche artists? Now imagine it played straight, and from the right:

Virtually every American must palpably sense the country’s rapid decline since President Obama assumed office. It’s not just economic stagnation; it’s a moral, religious, cultural and legal free fall that turns the stomach.

Yes, everyone can palpably sense America’s decline from the halcyon days of 2008, when unemployment was at 7% and skyrocketing because of a financial crisis, there was a disastrous war in Iraq, advocates of torturing arbitrarily detained people were still in office. Legally, morally, and economically — those were the days! And you can tell everyone senses the decline of the United States post-Obama by the fact that nearly 61 million people voted for Mitt Romney, only five million fewer than the number that voted for the president everyone agrees is destroying the country, Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

I assume Reynolds brought Foley into the fold so there would be someone who made him look moderately less hackish by comparison? Against all odds, it worked!

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