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You might think that compared to where you live, New York has a pretty good public transportation system. And by some metrics, that’s probably true. But New York needs a massive infusion of money for upgraded public transportation, both in improving the current infrastructure and for new routes. Because the commute times are insane for city residents:

Bronx residents now have the country’s second-longest average commute to work, with its fellow outer boroughs close behind.

According to a POLITICO New York analysis of data released by the United States Census Bureau this week, the average Bronx worker needed an estimated 43.1 minutes to get to their jobs. This was quicker than only Charles County, Maryland, where the daily trek many residents make to Washington brings the total up 44.2 minutes each way.

“The good news is that at least Bronx residents are back in the labor force,” said former Bronx Assemblymember Michael Benjamin.

The third through fifth slots in the country were occupied by Queens (42.8 minutes), Staten Island (42.7 minutes), and Brooklyn (42.2 minutes). However, the margin of error in the census numbers is large enough that it’s feasible that any one of these counties occupies the country’s top spot in reality. For example, including the Bronx’s margin of error indicates the average travel time was between 42 and 44.1 minutes; in Brooklyn, it was between 41.7 and 42.7 minutes.

Of course given Albany’s control over the city, the chances of this happening are somewhere between nil and a black hole.

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