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We have attained “peak LGM”: SEK vs. GODZILLAS!



Bet you never saw that one coming — but I have proof!

Not only did I not come out on top, I didn’t even inform the audience who I was. The panel was running late and I was so eager to get it started for the audience that I just whizzed through my introduction — including the part where I told them my name and theirs — so I’m sure I offended them, and I hate that. I only hope the thoughtful, respectful nature of my questions made up for the initial awkward/awfulness.

But in all seriousness, I doubt that I’ll ever interview three people with the global standing and reach of these three men. I doubt anyone else who writes here ever will either. Point being, this is the blog’s greatest moment — “peak LGM” if you will — so we ought to cherish it.

Or something, I’m not sure, even watching it again, I’m a bundle of nerves.

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