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Today’s Edition of the Worst Article of the 2016 Election Cycle



Above: Republican hero Bill Clinton

Sometime in late November 2016, when we have all recovered from the election barrage, we ought to hold a vote on the worst article of the election cycle. Today’s entrant is Peter Wehner’s masterpiece of Republican concern trolling that the Democratic Party has moved too far to the left.

To see just how far the Democratic Party has moved to the left, compare Barack Obama with Bill Clinton. In 1992, Mr. Clinton ran as a centrist New Democrat. In several respects he governed as one as well. He endorsed a sentencing policy of “three strikes and you’re out,” and he proposed adding 100,000 police officers to the streets.

In contrast, President Obama’s former attorney general, Eric H. Holder Jr., criticized what he called “widespread incarceration” and championed the first decrease in the federal prison population in more than three decades. Mr. Obama, meanwhile, has chosen to focus on police abuses.

One of the crowning legislative achievements under Mr. Clinton was welfare reform. Mr. Obama, on the other hand, loosened welfare-to-work requirements. Mr. Obama is more liberal than Mr. Clinton was on gay rights, religious liberties, abortion rights, drug legalization and climate change. He has focused far more attention on income inequality than did Mr. Clinton, who stressed opportunity and mobility. While Mr. Clinton ended one entitlement program (Aid to Families With Dependent Children), Mr. Obama is responsible for creating the Affordable Care Act, the largest new entitlement since the Great Society. He is the first president to essentially nationalize health care.

Mr. Clinton lowered the capital-gains tax rate; Mr. Obama has proposed raising it. Mr. Clinton cut spending and produced a surplus. Under Mr. Obama, spending and the deficit reached record levels. In foreign policy, Mr. Obama has shown himself to be far more critical of traditional allies and more supine toward our adversaries than Mr. Clinton was. Mr. Obama has often acted as if American strength is a problem to which the solution is retrenchment, or even retreat.

There’s enough stupid here and in the rest of the article to fill a grain silo, but just real quick, let’s note how he sort of kind of leaves out the entire George W. Bush administration and the Iraq War, the idea that Republicans somehow loved Bill Clinton, Obama’s support of education reform and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the various lies and manipulations of the truth that fill the entire column, the idea that the Clinton administration’s policies are where the Democratic Party naturally exists, changes in the belief system of the actual American populace, and about 100 other idiotic things. And that the Labour Party lost in the UK because Ed Miliband was a left-wing ideologue. Wow.

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