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The Aftermath of a Moops Invasion



Should the Supreme Court declare that the card says “Moops!”, I’m inclined to paint the resulting scenario black. Certainly, most people in red states will have to take Flight 505 to another state if they want to be able to purchase health insurance on a functional exchange. I am waiting for the media to accurately report that this would be a crisis created by a highly partisan Republican Supreme Court and the failure of Republican legislators to act, but they remain under the thumb of “Both Sides Do It” narratives. There may be some rays of optimism — doncha even bother congressional Republicans with acting to put more pressure on Obama, and it’s not always going to be easy for one of the two frontrunners for the Republican nomination when he’s goin’ home to chaos. But the servant of the Koch Brothers he (and the rest of the Republican leadership) is and will humbly remain, and despite the disastrous consequences I think we’d probably be left high and dry.

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