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Nick Clegg, Political SuperGenius



As I write this the current front-page BBC seat tally, which breaks out the seats won by the Democratic Unionists and Plaid Cymru, confines the Lib Dems to “other.” A fitting tribute to the political genius of Nick Clegg, who indeed is no more relevant going forward than the Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol or Monster Raving Loony Party or Christian Peoples Alliance parties.

It’s also impressive that Ed Miliband is not the most inept leader of a major British Party, although his strategery of refusing the possibility of an alliance with the SNP and the utter decimation of Labour in Scotland* that inevitably resulted was certainly an impressive grab at the title.

*In the first major defeat for Labour, the party’s shadow foreign secretary and general election coordinator, Douglas Alexander, was defeated in Paisley and Renfrewshire South by a 20-year-old politics student, Mhairi Black, on an extraordinary 33% swing to take 51% of the vote.

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