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Thursday Links

  • Here’s a John C. Wright-proportioned take on the Rabid Puppies by Philip Sandifer.
  • This is an important take on rape jokes; I think they can be funny so long as they take on rapists and rape culture, not rape survivors. Amanda Marcotte agrees.
  • In other news, the new season of “Inside Amy Shumer” got off to a fantastic start with this hilarious take on the actual reason women have butts.
  • I honestly can’t understand why “rapeseed” can’t be shortened to “seed” instead of “rape.” I mean, come on.
  • This article on Lilly Pulitzer’s new line for Target has me genuinely confused. If you don’t like the aesthetic, fair enough. If you don’t like what its preppy resort wear look symbolizes, fair enough. But if you think about it for even a minute, what Pulitzer is doing is taking the “resort” out of resort wear, because she’s offering it to the hoi polloi on the cheap. If anything, that’s kind of a “fuck you” to resort clothing wearers.
  • PZ Meyers has a great take on how we should think about climate change.
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