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Saturday Creature Feature Links

    • A new species of anomalocaridid has been discovered-it’s 480 million years old and 7-feet-long!
    • Would I link to a story simply so I’d have an excuse to post the “Mad Pooper” song from “Bob’s Burgers?” Yes No.
  • It’s not often I laugh out loud at something. It’s rarer still that I’ll nearly scare neighbors with my most obnoxious witch’s cackle…but this story about the —“it must be satire”– fanfiction “My Immortal” (a completely random Harry Potter/vampire mashup) had me laughing maniacally.
  • I’m finally–yes, really, this time–bidding adieu to the cancer on my life that is Gamergate. With this:
  • “If I don’t get pants, nobody gets pants” by Theamat
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