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The Internet Is Real


If you’re going to be in the LA area, please try to check out the art installation “A Woman’s Room Online” by Skepchick and artist, Amy Roth. 聽It’s a project that tries to put a tangible face on the abuse and harassment that women–especially prominent feminists–face online.

Too often women are told that the internet is “not real,” but it is real. As Greta Christina explains here, not only is it real, it’s where many of us–for all intents and purposes–live our lives. Saying that internet harassment is too ethereal and fleeting to count is bonkers. To women who are deluged with ugliness, it certainly does not feel light and ethereal, it feels suffocating and oppressive.聽I’m glad Ms. Roth 聽found a way to make something both beautiful and awful with that feeling.

In funnier news, please get your Social Justice Warrior buttons here. I still call “Social Justice Warlord.”

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