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#ActuallyEthics: A Contest


One of the best–ok, maybe the only–good thing to come out of #GamerGate has been the #ActuallyEthics meme. We all know that “ethixxx” has served as a cover for the worst kind of misogyny, but many GGer’s still it’s insist this is all about journalistic integrity. #ActuallyEthics takes aim at this stubborn insistence by taking screenshots of well-known movies/comics/television shows and adding the words “Actually, it’s about ethics in game journalism.” Most of these screenshots are funny, but some are sublime.

When folks create these, they tend to take one of two tacks:

1.) They create a banner that shows a man or threatening creature interacting with another person in some way. The message here is someone creepy/condescending popping up and mansplaining to another person that “it’s about ethics.”


2.) They create a banner that gives you some kind of twist ending. See you thought this story was about one thing…but–surprise!–it’s actually about ethics in journalism.


I don’t care what tack you take–come at this from a different angle if you wish…but I challenge you all to create your own #ActuallyEthics banner. And for your trouble, I will pick the best one and put it in my twitter timeline.

Ready, set, go!

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