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So His Check Cleared?


It seems pretty obvious at this point that the NFL isn’t getting its $44 million a year worth on Roger Goodell.  (Incidentally, the idea that “he’s made the owners lots of money” seems bizarre to me. Compared to what? How hard is it for an extremely popular, lavishly taxpayer funded league perfectly set up for TV in an era in which live events have become particularly valuable to make a lot of money?  He didn’t create that context.  Which of these factors would vanish if Goodell was replaced by another random executive?) But LGM is happy to present a contrasting view:

Is there any way to … well … defend Roger Goodell?

Well, yes.

When everyone is piling on, it’s time to take a breath and say: We need more facts, less reliance on media reports based on anonymous sources and over-heated pundits who are too ready to rush to judgment.

Not a rush to judgment! The best part:

The third rule is to authorize an independent investigation to answer all the questions and verify the facts. And that is exactly what happened. Of course the emphasis is on the word “independent.”

Two owners, John Mara of the New York Giants and Art Rooney II of the Pittsburgh Steelers, both of whom are attorneys, appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller III to conduct the investigation of how Goodell and the NFL headquarters handled the Rice matter.

Nothing says “independent” like an investigation headed by two particularly old-school establishment owners, conducted by a partner in a law firm that does lucrative business with the NFL. Who could possibly argue this nonsense with a straight face?

By Lanny J. Davis

I know we live in age in which parody is dead, but this seems a little on-the-nose. Maybe George Allen can get involved too.

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