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Republicans’ Moral Bankruptcy


Will Bunch says that the Republican response to Berghdahl’s redemption is a sign of conservatives’ moral bankruptcy:

The hypocrisy manages to be both stunning yet also banal, even predictable. It’s not rocket science. Sgt. Bergdahl was never a living, breathing human to these people — just what the director Alfred Hitchcock would have called a “MacGuffin,” an insignificant prop that exists to drive the real storyline, and that storyline is tearing down Obama as an un-American pretender to the White House. In 2013, Obama was a coward who didn’t understand our most basic principle of “no man left behind.” In 2014, Obama was a treasonous dictator who put the nation at risk to rescue an undeserving deserter who should be court-martialed, maybe executed. The two narratives are ridiculously, laughably contradictory except for one element: They both involve a president named Barack Hussein Obama.

This is a whole disgusting level below the normal day-to-day hypocrisy of American politics. These responses are the product of a moral sickness — and most pathetic are the ones who call themselves pro-life or who obsess over what they say is the loss of freedom in this country, yet they’d rather see their fellow human Bowe Bergdahl lose his freedom or even die all because of their blind hatred of the man in the Oval Office. Look, if the Army wants to investigate the facts surrounding Bergdahl’s disappearance then they should do that (I doubt it would result in more than a slap on the wrist in the reality-based world, but we seem to be losing our grip on reality…so who knows).

But the bottom line is that if you see a woman standing in the middle of the road and a Mack Truck bearing down on her, you don’t stop to grill her on whether she just used heroin or left her child on a stoop somewhere. You pick her up and swoop her out of the street, and deal with the rest later. So should it be with saving Sgt. Bergdahl. For God’s sake, where’s the humanity? A couple of decades ago, two Inquirer reporters wrote an award-winning series and book called “America: What Went Wrong?” Today it’s more appropriate to ask, America…what the hell’s wrong with us?

Let it never be said again that Republicans support POWs. Because they only support POWs when white people are in the White House.

In related news, Joe Scarborough is the nation’s biggest douche.

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