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They All Pretty Much Look the Same


Or at least so thinks our racially sensitive friends at FOX.

One sad Asian is as good as the next it seems. At least according to Fox News.

In the clip below about the tragic sinking of the Sewol ferry in South Korea, from a few weeks ago, Fox appears to have swapped in footage of random sad Asian people in place of mourning Koreans.

At about minute 1:40, the narrator talks about how relatives of the missing passengers believe there would have been more survivors had people been ordered to evacuate the sinking ship.

The problem? The corresponding footage is not of the mourning relatives, or even Koreans, but rather “people presumably from another region of Asia,” according to KoreAm, a blog covering the Korean American experience.

Another blogger suggests the footage is actually of Tibetans crying after the recent avalanche at Mt. Everest.

….In other news–for some weird reason an uncompleted This Day in Labor History published without me actually publishing it and early comments suggested there was spam in the RSS feed. Apologies for whatever the heck happened. And some of you now have a head start on your labor history lesson for Thursday.

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