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Feeling for the Kid


A couple of quick notes:

  1. I’ve closed comments on my last post. Some little rage-monkey with a ridiculously misogynistic blog showed up and started posting links to his He-Man Woman Hater’s clubhouse with the backwards “s,” and I’m just not gonna give him a platform.
  2. Wanted to call attention to this post I found in the comments, because I think it illustrates why we have to make sure that everyone understands that misogyny was the root cause of the horrific shootings and that misogyny is frighteningly common.

I kinda feel for that kid. In part.

To be honest, I retain -even at 46- some serious resentment for the womenfolk. To be clear, my feelings can’t defined as hatred; more like a combination of mistrust and fear. My inability to navigate thru the complexities of 1970s or 80s dating arenas left me…somewhat confused. And complicated. Which is not to say that I didn’t date or lock lips with a few hot babes in the meantime.

Bear with

me: I haven’t thought any of this thru as I write

My mother, after divorcing my father (among other reasons, because he was fucking his grad students) went thru a series of lovers, the last of which she wound up marrying. Her choice of guy sexually abused my sister (then a teenager)).

My sister married my best friend from high school. So, that too. Also.

First girl I slept with (did she fuck me or did I fuck her?) wasn’t my first romance, but WTF did I know about that shit?

I’ve had nightmares about raping former girlfriends, and by “nightmares” I mean they were deeply unpleasant dreams that haunt me today.

And then a few months ago some 18 yr fuckwit wannabe porn star said this

“How does it make you feel personally to, like, watch degrading sex or see women being degraded and treated like s—t or just objectified?” a male interviewer asks Weeks.

“Hot as hell,” Weeks replied.

This is just so weird. His father cheats on his mother, a man sexually abuses his sister…but it’s women he mistrusts. Misogyny. In fairness, it says so right there in his name.

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