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The Right Never Uses Violent Language


If there’s one thing I learned when the gun nuts attacked me in late 2012, it’s that conservatives take the specifics of language very seriously and abhor violence. That’s why I expect this person from American Family Radio to be attacked like I was in approximately never days.

That is the nonsense that they teach in women’s studies at Duke University, this is where she learned this. The toxic stew of the modern university is gender studies, it’s “Sex Week,” they all have “Sex Week” and teaching people how to be sex-positive and overcome the patriarchy. My daughters go to a little private religious school and we pay an arm and a leg for it precisely to keep them away from all of this kind of nonsense. I do hope that they go to a Christian college or university and to keep them so far away from the hard left, human-hating people that run modern universities, who should all be taken out and shot.

Metaphor, obviously. Who would take such language seriously? It’s not like this person used an obscure medieval reference. That’s something you’d have to take seriously.

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