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Flight of the Flying Coffin


I’m digging this listicle game:

And thus the difference between a great fighter and a terrible fighter can be remarkably small.As with the previous list, the critical work is in determining the criteria. Fighters are national strategic assets, and must be evaluated as such:

  • Did this aircraft fail at the tactical tasks that it was given? Did it perform poorly against its direct contemporaries?
  • Did the fighter show up, or was it in the hangar when it was needed? Was it more of a danger to its pilots than to enemy fighters?
  • Did it represent a misappropriation of national assets?

So what are the worst fighter aircraft of all time? For these purposes, we’ll be concentrating on fighters that enjoyed production runs of 500 or more aircraft (listed in parentheses); curiosities such as the XF-84H “Thunderscreech” need not apply.


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