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Sexy Mustard


The feminist in me thinks that the objectification of women is a huge bummer. But the weary, jaded, pragmatic cop who’s just months away from retirement in me understands that it’s normal and natural to want to be admired; it’s natural to want to stoke desire. So it makes sense that I’d be in 1000% agreement with Amanda Marcotte on her entry about the practice of wearing of sexy Halloween costumes.

One the one hand, I worry that sometimes women–especially young women–make too many decisions about their appearance using boner-based metrics. And that’s not good. On the other hand, it’s fun to dress up in a sexy outfit and turn a few heads. I think ¬†understanding and admitting this is a healthy thing.

Ultimately I think it’s possible to indulge the urge to strut your stuff (once in awhile) while at the same time understanding that constantly looking for validation from men is probably not a good idea. You gotta strike a balance. Now, somebody hand me my Sexy Chupacabra mask.


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