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Cartels Are Profitable at the Top!


What NCAA coaches get paid. Lane Kiffin will take home $2.6 million to lose to some dramatically less talented teams and then sit at home. As Paul recently noted, Charlie Weis’s decided schematic advantage and zero conference wins will earn him only $2.5 million (one thing about hiring Charlie Weis is that the “max bonus” figure is presumably irrelevant, unless the bonus involves him showing up to the games on time.) Brady Hoke, who had no negotiating leverage when taking the job, now has compensation topping $4 million a year, although in fairness it’s hard to imagine Michigan being able to match the performance of Utah and North Dakota State without his unique skills.

In conclusion, if players were allowed to be paid to sign jerseys this would be a horrible affront to the Sacred Principles of Amateurism. (TM)

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