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The anti-legalization stoner


Since I no longer live in Washington, I didn’t follow the marijuana legalization initiative debate too closely last year, so I was unaware of a particularly moronic version of the “single payer is here if you want it” approach to politics: the anti-legalization stoners, which apparently included the organizers of “Hempfest.” I am pleased to learn that their prediction of mass arrests at Hempfest under the horrible new regime appears to be turning out to be wrong: the police are there, but instead of arresting people they’re handing out bags of Doritos with information about the new laws.

Lots of people approach politics in ways that I find to be mistaken but comprehensible and understandable, but the “no change that doesn’t transform the status quo to my utopia in one step right now is ever worth doing” mentality remains beyond my scope of my imagination.

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