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Did We Mention How Glad We Are that Aimai’s Posting Again?


As someone who is extremely uncomfortable with gender essentialist notions of what “what wo/men want” in the opposite sex, I found this post revelatory. I have so many thoughts/distractions rattling around in this hideously messy pantry of a brain, sometimes it’s difficult for me to articulate things the way our LGM posters do. So it’s always something a relief for me when I can point to something and just go “YES!! THIS THIS!!!” Anway, YES!!! THIS THIS!!!

I can’t speak for men but I can certainly speak for women–there are women who are turned on by looks and looks alone, and women who are turned on by a guy’s brain. There are people who are turned on by spindly geeksfor their looks, and women who are turned on by handsome guys because of their adventures and their kindness. People are mixed bags of desires and experiences.

A big pet peeve of mine is people who downplay women’s appreciation of male beauty. Sure, tell yourself that women don’t get turned on by extremely attractive men, but do so at your peril. I watched no less that three movie trailers Wednesday that featured the ridiculously good-looking Hemsworth brothers. I want to be the meat in the Hemsworth sandwich. I mean, my GAWD. That being said, there are thousands of other guys out there who don’t look like the Helmsworth brothers that I may find sexy and interesting and attractive…for thousands of different reasons. You can’t pigeonhole desire and attraction.

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