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The Most Justified Boycott In History


Not only to I unreservedly endorse this boycott, I plan to boycott all vodkas just to be safe.  After all, increasing demand for the world’s most overrated beverage in any way could indirectly benefit the Russians.  Luckily, no money that goes to the Kentucky economy could ever end up in the hands of reactionary interests.

(I don’t mean the inevitable continuation of this blog’s long and eminently justified war on vodka to make light of the very serious underlying issue Savage is bringing to our attention; see also Thers, Arana and Ford.)

…and, yes, if you must make vanilla extract or you’re watching The Big Lebowski, there are plenty of options from quality American distillers: Tito’s, my wife’s choices Vintner’s and  Prairie, Ice Glen, and see comments for further crowdsourcing.

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