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More on Rand Paul’s Entirely Random and Coincidental Association With Racists


Jack Hunter has finally resigned from the office of America’s foremost champion of civil liberties. Paul, of course, didn’t immediately fire him, because who can blame Hunter for his youthful indiscretions? Like this, from 2009, when Hunter was a mere pip of 35. You can see, given Hunter’s evident commitment to racial egalitarianism and the high quality of his analysis, why Paul saw him as such a valuable asset in the spin room:

In declaring secession illegal, and the U.S. a consolidated state, Lincoln enacted the first income tax and the first draft, and supported internal improvements and nationalizing banks. Such centralizing, socialistic, and militaristic restructuring of America was certainly more comparable to the fascism that defined Hitler’s Germany than the agrarian-based economies and loose-knit state militias that defined the Confederate States of America.

Look, four political leaders in all of world history have favored an income tax and internal improvements: Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and Barack HUSSEIN Obama. You do the math!

And, of course, let us not forget the real reason for southern secession, and why it occurred not after the election of Abraham Lincoln but after the egregious federal overreaching of the Fugitive Slave Act:

Dissuading the South from seceding by promising to protect slavery didn’t work, because the issue was secondary to the primary issue of constitutional government and states’ rights. Southerners clung to the Founding Fathers’ vision of a decentralized republic in which central planning, federal dictates, and permanent standing armies would have been impossible because the Constitution did not allow for a national government powerful enough to implement such measures.

Yes, the Confederates never would have tolerated a constitution that issued “federal dictates” on a matter like slavery:

4) No bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law denying or impairing the right of property in negro slaves shall be passed.

You can understand why Paul was reluctant to let co-authoring talent like this go. Fortunately, there will presumably be room for him as a clerk for John Roberts.

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