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Monarchs Solve Problems


No counter-revolution is complete without a call for the return of the monarchy:

Asked what he thought would be the solution to Egypt’s malaise, Prince Osman cited the example of Spain, which successfully reinstated its monarchy following a devastating civil war and an era of fascist dictatorial rule. It now enjoys a viable democratic system.

“The dictator Generalissimo Francisco Franco chose the actual king Juan Carlos de Borbon as his successor, to reestablish democracy in the country and it worked. If this were done in Egypt – it might make people smile, but I believe that, especially the youth, with whom I have talked a lot, would receive it well,” he said.

While he conceded that the final days of King Farouk’s reign may have damaged the reputation of the Egyptian monarchy, he claimed that many of the shocking reports that contributed to destroying the deposed monarch were vastly exaggerated by British and US agents.

“The Spanish model is certainly an option, because it worked. A neutral person above all parties concerned is a real factor of stability. Restoring the monarchy would certainly do that. A king is above parties, he unites the nation. The reputation of the royal family is not tarnished in Egypt, suffice it to see the hundreds of blogs on the net. Quite the contrary, the lies said against it for all these years are now fully perceived,” said Prince Osman, himself co-author of Mehemet Ali Le Grand [“The Great Mohamed Ali”], published in France and Egypt in 2005.

Always love a chance to revisit Sunday Deposed Monarch Blogging.

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