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Nobody Cares About Federalism, Yet Another Abortion Edition


Anybody following American political discourse has heard many times that overruling Roe v. Wade would “return the issue to the states.” Because, you know, showing the same principled commitment to federalism that caused future secessionists to bitterly denounce the Fugitive Slave Act, Congressional Republicans would never dream of supporting federal regulations of abortion except for the ones they’ve already passed, heavens no.

Well, today the House of Representatives voted on the Right to Fetal Jerk-Off Act, which gives us another excellent test of whether Republicans are committed to leaving abortion a question for state governments to decide. Here’s the final tally among House Republicans:

Women in all 50 states should be forced to carry some viable fetuses to term: 227
The Sacred Principles of Federalism: 2 0

I’m being charitable about the latter 2, although since both Broun and Huelskamp seem to have impeccable anti-choice voting records it seems like a safe assumption.

To conclude, as abortion politics has already shown us many times virtually nobody cares about federalism, and overruling Roe v. Wade would obviously not “return the issue to the states.”

…UPDATE:  Apparently, Broun’s was a supporter of the bill who objected to the rape and incest exception.  So I’m confident to revise the finally tally.

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