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Manic Pixie Dreamin’ of Tim Blake Nelson


I happened to catch most of the 2002 film, “Cherish” a few days while enjoying a rare moment to myself. While it was pretty remarkably flawed, it stayed with me; and I’m fairly certain the only reason it did is because it scratched an itch that I had given up on getting scratched–the itch I get for romance, real romance.

I loath romantic comedies. As I will tell anyone who will listen, most romantic comedies are usually┬áneither funny nor romantic. “Cherish” is a film that tries to be quirkily funny, romantic and suspenseful and fails–ultimately–on all fronts. (Serious pacing problems, forced quirkiness, and a “made for TV” sheen really prevent this movie from being anything other than awkwardly mediocre.) Oddly, the only element of the film that resonates at all is the one that the director originally had no intention of developing: the chemistry between the two leads, Robin Tunney and Tim Blake Nelson.

Still, I found “Cherish” has stayed with me much longer than a movie this flawed–and, frankly, at times, boring–should have. And the only thing I can chalk this up to is that I just really loved the hints of romance I got whenever Zoe and Bill were in a room together.

That got me thinking: the truth is there are very few films I find particularly romantic. In fact, when I wrack my brain, I can scarcely come up with a handful.

So, in celebration of having my itch scratched here are a few movies/scenes that I find sublimely romantic.

“The Princess Bride” (The first two minutes of the film are so lovely; almost no dialogue…because no dialogue is needed. Just an “As you wish.”)

“Some Kind of Wonderful” (The kiss alone is worth the price of admission. Notice how incredibly impactful the music is in the scene.)

Finally, there’s pretty much any scene with Drac and Mina in the incredibly flawed and campy but ridiculously romantic “Bram Stoker’s Dracula.”

One of my favorite scenes in the “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” is one where Dracula is squiring Mina down a busy street. He almost puts his hand on the small of her back, but in the end hesitates. His hand just hovers there. So, obviously it’s what I don’t get, what I don’t see that often sticks with me. Perhaps that’s why these few dumb, little, fleeting moments from this very flawed movie got to me…

Plus, you know…

I invite you to tell me how I’m wrong wrong wrong, how the world the is teeming with romantic movies I’ve just never seen. No, seriously, what would be in your pantheon?

YOUR GREAT COMMENTS UPDATE: Hey, just wanted to commend you on your comments. Not only have you mentioned some movies that’d I’d forgotten I like (How could I forget “Four Weddings?!!!!!!”), you recommended a few I’ll definitely queue…and…this is the embarrassing part: I got to thinking about a couple of movies I definitely find romantic, but they’re not exactly choices I’d shout from the rooftops. So instead I’ll swallow my pride and shout it from the blogtop. I like “Pretty Woman” and “Beauty and the Beast” (yes, the Disney version). Heh. This reminds me that I need to write an entry about being feminist while enjoying things that are…problematic for feminism.


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