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How do conservatives spend slow news days?


Manufacturing scandals. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why my Facebook feed brimmed over with hatred for Adam Levine this morning — I take that back. It’s entirely understandable why people might brim over with hate for Adam Levine if they happen to hear a Maroon 5 song. Perfectly reasonable to hate him for that. But that’s not why conservatives were upset. Seems that during NBC’s telecast of The Voice, Levine said “I hate this country” on a hot mic right before two of his final three contestants were eliminated. Given that Levine is a Jew who openly supported Obama, clearly he hates both this country and Israel. Goes without saying.

But he said it! On national television! Outrage!

Of course, for those of you who don’t know, The Voice is a singing competition in which coaches create teams of singers and watches as “America votes” them off one-by-one. He hates “this country” because two of the three people remaining on stage at that point were from his team. He’s clearly tense at the thought of losing two of his contestants. And America put him in this position.

(But only if by “America” you mean the millions of white people who keep voting for obnoxious female “country” “singers” who have that “country” “attitude.” Any non-ballad by a female “country” “artist” who’s six-feet-tall and blonde invariably involves “puttin’ on boots,” “tellin’ him off,” and “drivin’ my truck away.” It’s the most odious brand of popular female empowerment in circulation today.)

Point being: this is no more a scandal than any of the others “plaguing” the administration at the moment. But it’s an instructive non-scandal because it’s the perfect distillation of the contemporary conservative mindset. This “scandal” couldn’t be any less important. And yet look at this comment from the first link:

I used to be an Adam/Maroon 5 fan. Met all of them in person at a concert and thought he was a really nice guy. However, after this comment … I won’t be supporting their music. So not all of their fans hate this country. AMERICA!

Translation: “I loved his music and when I met him he was personable when he didn’t have to be, but now that I’m willfully misunderstanding something he said, AMERICA!” Welcome to the final years of the Obama administration. It’s going to be an annoying ride.

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