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The BBWAA’s Idiotic Moralistic Posturing


Obviously, the BBWAA’s Hall of Fame vote this year is pretty much the equivalent of Brent Musburger’s fapping during the BCS title game. You have arguably the greatest player and greatest pitcher of all time not coming close to election, based on accusations of “cheating” that require definitions of law and due process rarely seen outside the Bush justice department. You have clearly Hall of Fame caliber players, like Bagwell and Piazza, denied entry although there’s no evidence whatsoever that they “cheated” by using PEDs at all. And all this despite the fact that the Hall of Fame already has members who actually did cheat.

About the only thing you can say in defense of this pointless exercise in misplaced moral wankery and nostalgia is that it didn’t result in Jack Morris being elected either. (And by the way, how do we know that Morris didn’t use steroids?)

Update: [PC] See also.

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