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A Coal CEO’s Prayer


My new favorite post-election reaction goes to Robert E. Murray, CEO of Murray Energy. He sent this prayer to America out to his workers, followed by his view of the nation’s future:

Dear Lord:

The American people have made their choice. They have decided that America must change its course, away from the principals of our Founders. And, away from the idea of individual freedom and individual responsibility. Away from capitalism, economic responsibility, and personal acceptance.

We are a Country in favor of redistribution, national weakness and reduced standard of living and lower and lower levels of personal freedom.

My regret, Lord, is that our young people, including those in my own family, never will know what America was like or might have been. They will pay the price in their reduced standard of living and, most especially, reduced freedom.

The takers outvoted the producers. In response to this, I have turned to my Bible and in II Peter, Chapter 1, verses 4-9 it says, “To faith we are to add goodness; to goodness, knowledge; to knowledge, self control; to self control, perseverance; to perseverance, godliness; to godliness, kindness; to brotherly kindness, love.”

Lord, please forgive me and anyone with me in Murray Energy Corp. for the decisions that we are now forced to make to preserve the very existence of any of the enterprises that you have helped us build. We ask for your guidance in this drastic time with the drastic decisions that will be made to have any hope of our survival as an American business enterprise.


Mr. Murray’s Outline of America’s Future:

What I foresee in America, by Robert E. Murray:

– Drastically reduced economic activity

– Reduced electric power consumption

– Even more drastically reduced coal markets with even worse coal pricing

– Total destruction of the coal industry by 2030

– Enactment of 12 regulations pending from the Obama Administration from the U.S. EPA alone

– Per Sen. James Inhofe, three (3) regulations – greenhouse gas, utility MACT and coal ash – will cost America $600 billion alone

– Likely a carbon tax will be forced to subsidize the government and “receivers” (Obama supporters) in the total destruction of the coal industry, again, the latter as early as 2030

– All coal companies are performing drastically worse than their CEOs and Boards want to report, and this is understandable with their concerns for their stock prices and refinancing

– Most public companies will not be able to continue to emphasize any positive that they have, while avoiding the negatives in their statements and opinions

– The markets will soon take this ability away from these public CEOs and Directors

– Of course, private companies will abandon this business

– We must prepare for this today, and we cannot bleed cash waiting for our competitors to be eliminated

– We must totally go into a survival mode and generate all the cash that we can from whatever we still have left that can help us

– We must tear down all structures in Murray Energy and reassemble them

– While putting Murray Energy into a survival mode, I will be fighting allegations from radical Obama supporters that you know are blatantly false and were inspired only to shut down our opposition to them on behalf of our employees, your area, and our country

– We must be passionate and austere in all that we do.

Murray Energy Corp.

Robert E. Murray

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

I believe the Good Lord is also telling us all to pull our money from the banks and invest in gold, no?

I’ve also heard that the supernatural sometimes speaks to miners and their families too, with someone different messages.

……The Lord God Jehovah has spoken in the comments and she’s not super thrilled with Murray:

Lord, please forgive me and anyone with me in Murray Energy Corp. for the decisions that we are now forced to make to preserve the very existence of any of the enterprises that you have helped us build.

If you mean the decision to break safety laws, a decision that led to nine of my children dying needlessly, well, Bob, I would not be counting on my forgiveness. See, Bob, I have you a book, that you claim to have read. And Bob, I talk a lot in it about protecting the poor and weak. And I have a good deal to say in that book about what I have planned for those who fuck over the poor and weak. And Bob, I don’t normally swear, except for when I’m angry. And what you did makes me very, very angry, Bob.

Now kindly shut the fuck up, before I get smitey.

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