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What A Pathetic Operation Tucker Carlson Is Running


The Daily Race-Baiter tries to come up with the “Whitey Tape” that didn’t exist in 2008, steps on a rake.   It’s impossible for a rational person to understand why anything Obama said is objectionable, but it does indeed reflect the familar conservative trope that noting racial injustice in America is far worse than racism could ever be.

For further amusement, see this particularly feeble Instapundit third stringer — last seen arguing that obligating law enforcement officals to enforce the law in a non-discriminatory manner violates their First Amendment rights — try to sell this with a bunch of “people who are aware of the existence of racism are the real racists” gibberish that concludes with her calling Kanye West “an uneducated, uncouth rapper.”

Still, when it comes to pathetic, nobody can hold a candle to Col. Mustard:

And based on this tease by Drudge, it should be big.

Clearly! It’s important to remember that he really has something big and isn’t playing his followers for massive rubes or anything. And still, the liberal media will supress the time Obama had tuna salad that was made with herbs and olive oil rather than Miracle Whip, which I’m pretty sure is an impeachable offense.

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